Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Just What You Need in Southern Mississippi

Why Climate-Controlled?

Southern Mississippi is well known for its heat and humidity. Both of which can ruin your prized possessions in storage! That’s why Beatline Road Mini Storage offers climate-controlled storage options. Of our storage types, these are a must-have in the nearby area.

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Items that are impacted by temperature extremes include:

  • Papers/Documents
  • Bedding/Mattresses
  • Antiques
  • Electronic equipment
  • Artwork
  • Clothing
  • Photographs
  • Collectibles


Climate-controlled storage units tend to have interior access points which also reduce dirt, dust, rain, and snow from getting into them. These units are kept typically between 55 degrees F, in the winter, and 85 degrees F, in the summer. This control reduces the impact of outside temperature fluctuations on your belongings.

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Other Advantages of Climate-Control

Included with heat and cold, climate-control prevents mold and mildew. These are particularly important for papers, clothing, wooden antiques, and any electronics.

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